How to plan a Shabby Chic Baby Shower

What I’ve learned about the Shabby Chic is that it’s all about pastels, blues, pinks, greens. Polka dots, stripes, floral patterns. It’s basically your grandma’s bedspread, but in a good way!

It’s this:

photo from

So when it comes to planning a shabby chic baby shower, it’s all about the colors, textures, and the patterns! It’s sort of rustic meets feminine meets vintage. It’s painted distressed wood and mason jars and burlap, and fabric garland tassels!

So here are some ideas to go with that!

Try this:

puffy tacos (1)


  • As far as food goes, I’m thinking bite-sized is best.Something people can munch on  s they play games and chat with others. That’s why these mini puffy tacos would be perfect! Here’s the recipe. With six ingredients, planning the food out will be a breeze!
  • Add some Parmesan Crusted Tortellini Bites to the menu and you’ll have all the comfort foods right at your fingertips. Recipe here.


  • You can continue to stick with the theme here and do some Pink Lemonade. Serve in mason jars with a straw and it’s perfect!pink-lemonade-030-WM
  • Or try a Sonic Copy-Cat Cherry Limeade. (Recipe)
  • If it’s cold outside and the idea of drinking something with ice in it makes you shudder, think Apple Cider. This one has cranberries in it, giving it a pinkish tint and a twist on the taste!


  • If you want something simple and bite-sized, try these apple pie bites. Mouth is watering!
  • Cupcakes with pearl decoration: (these are so vintage and pretty, they’ll fit right in! And you could always change the icing to be pink or blue).
  • 1474982507-coconut-cake-raspberry-icing-139ror Cake (try this one – it looks amazing!). It’s a Coconut Cake with Rose-Water Raspberry Icing and Candied Lemon Slices. *drooling & heart eyes* With a few pink flowers added on top, this HAS to be a hit. And it’s super impressive looking. I mean, seriously. Look at that!



  • Stack some crates & fill with vases of flowers (See above)
  • Mason jars with flowers (pink roses and a teal painted mason jar would look superb!) You can DIY these and save a few $$!
  • Make a burlap banner yourself – easily bought at craft stores. Use a stencil, a sponge brush, and some paint and Voila! You’ve got a cute, custom banner with exactly what you want it to say.
  • Another option is to buy scrapbook paper, cut it out, lace on a string and you have a themed banner that matches the rest of your party perfectly! Pick vintage patterns like the ones below and it’ll fit right in. This photo is from here.BANNER
  • Or make a string of fabric garland like this.fabric-fringe-500
  • When it comes to flowers, try building the bouquet yourself by buying flowers in bulk somewhere. Try pink and white garden roses, baby’s breath, and buttercups/ranunculus. Simple, but beautiful!


I don’t own any of these photos, other than the photo of my invitation designs! I am merely a resource for your party planning needs! I am reposting in order to educate and inform.

If you’ve got food, drink and decor down, now it’s time to pull that guest list together, buy your supplies, and get started! Good luck!

Here are some affordable Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitations below.

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